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What is CATS' Foster to Adopt program?

CATS (Cat Advocates Teaching & Saving Society) offers a unique adoption approach through our Foster to Adopt program. This program allows you to bring a kitty home for an agreed-upon period before finalizing the adoption.

What are the benefits of Foster to Adopt?

Foster-to-adopt gives you and the kitty time to get to know each other, feel comfortable, and determine if it’s an excellent lifelong match. During this period, CATS supplies the food and litter.

How much are Adoption Fees?

Adoption fees:
Kittens, up to one year – $250
Adults, 1-10 years – $200
Adults, 10-15 years – $150
15+ years – TBD

Who owns the cat during the foster period?

The cat remains under the care and ownership of CATS during the foster-to-adopt period. CATS will assist and handle the necessary measures if a medical concern arises.

What happens if we are not a good fit for each other?

If you discover that you are not a good fit for each other, you can return the cat to CATS. We will refund the adoption fee and continue searching for the perfect forever home for the kitty.

How do I Apply to Foster to Adopt a cat(s)?

Please click the apply button below to fill out the application correctly to the best of your ability, giving as much detail as possible.

We do not adopt on a first-come, first-serve basis; we adopt to families we feel are the best fit for each cat.

CATS only adopts Vancouver Island residents with a preference for the local area at this time.

When will I hear back?

Please be patient, as everyone at CATS is a volunteer.

We get many applications for our cats, and we thoroughly review each one.  We respond to chosen applicants but cannot always respond to every application submitted. 

If you see a cat posted on the CATS Facebook group or here, we are still accepting applications, and the cat does not have a confirmed or finalized adoption.

Available Foster-to-Adopt Cats

Benefits of a Barn Cat

Barn cats make great exterminators

They make for an environmentally safe solution to your rodent problems.

Barn cats make friends

Barn cats may not always make great companions to humans, but they are often great friends with other animals on your property.

Barn cats eat bugs

If you want to keep bugs to a minimum, a barn cat can help with that.

Barn cats are low maintenance

Needing very little while giving a whole lot back and you give an orphaned cat a home. Most barn cats are usually stray cats that have nowhere else to live. Providing them with a home in your barn or on your property gives these cats a purpose and a place to call home.

Barn cats can save you money

Each rodent a barn cat catches and each bug they deter is one lest pest consuming your feed.