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Fostering Hope and Saving Lives

As a 100% volunteer-driven and donation-funded organization, CATS invites you to make a difference by becoming a foster care volunteer. Fostering is not only rewarding but a genuine lifesaver. By offering a temporary home, you play a pivotal role in helping cats regain trust in humans and adapt to a social environment. Opening your heart and home to these waiting feline companions allows you to discover their unique personalities and charms.

Supportive Foster Care

CATS ensures that fostering is a seamless experience. You’ll receive all the necessary supplies, including food, litter, a litter box, and toys, while CATS fully covers veterinary care expenses. All you need is a quiet, separate space within your home, such as a small bedroom or bathroom. CATS will guide you every step, providing support to create a haven for your foster cat. Rest assured that all cats under CATS’ care are adopted into indoor-only homes, including foster homes, ensuring their well-being and security.

Types of Fosters Needed:


  • Medical – Healing after surgeries, Cats that require daily medications
  • Hospice – Those reaching the end of life and need a home setting
  • Socialization – Showing cats that at home is where it’s at
  • Behavioural – Helping through their traumas to become adoptable
  • Nursing Queens – a safe, clean environment
  • Kittens – Kittens under four months of age
  • Relief – Short term when regular fosters are away
  • And more.

A Home Setting is Best:

Each year, cats sit in shelters because they are not quite ready for adoption. They may have something from their past life that they need to work through without help but have not had a chance to be in a home setting.

Opening your home to a foster cat allows the cat to be free from a cage and learn what a loving home setting can be like; along with our assistance, this will enable them to work through their trauma and set them up for a successful adoption and a forever home.

Please consider fostering a rescue cat today!

Other Volunteering Opportunities 

There are many areas where help is always needed

Cat care, trapping, feeding station monitoring, socialization, medical, adoptions, shelter help,

social media, thrift corner, fundraising, bottle collecting & sorting and more!