Tabby (Orange / Red)

Chicken and Waffles

Chicken and Waffles
Age: 1 year
Sex: Male
Type: Short Hair
Breed: Tabby (Orange / Red)
Color: Orange
Spayed or Neutered: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes

Friendly, Affectionate, Playful, Brave, Curious, Funny, Athletic, Loves Kisses

Meet Chicken and Waffles

Chicken (darker orange tabby) and Waffles (dilute orange tabby) are handsome orange brothers who are devoted to each other. They are approximately 1 year old.

The boys love playing with their toys, galloping around the house after each other and of course, wrestling! When they aren’t playing, they are busy supervising their caretaker and looking for any opportunity for cuddling. They love to be on your lap or beside you snoozing or purring away. These little love bugs would love to be in home where they will be the centre of attention to soak up all the love they can get.

Chicken and Waffles have been spayed/neutered, vaccinated and have received preventative flea and worm treatments.

If you’re interested in Chicken and Waffles or have any questions about them, please send a message to We recieve many applications for our cats and kittens and cannot always reply to everyone. Only chosen applicants will be contacted. Please be patient; response times may vary as we are all volunteers.

CATS has a Foster to Adopt program. This program allows you to take a cat home for a period of time before you finalize the adoption, to determine if you and the cat are a good lifelong match. Matches will be made for residents living on Vancouver Island only at this time.

For more information, see click here 

Please note, the best applicant will be chosen for the best fit for the cat, adoptions are not on a first come first served basis.

Adoption fees:
Kittens, up to one year – $250
Adults, 1-10 years – $200
Adults, 10-15 years – $150
15+ years – TBD

Hi Future Owner!

I can’t wait to meet you! I’ve been dreaming about the day when we’ll finally cross paths. I promise to be the purr-fect companion you’ve always wanted. I’ll greet you with gentle head bumps and soothing purrs, and I’ll curl up in your lap whenever you need a cuddle. Together, we’ll embark on endless adventures in the world of feathered toys and sunlit windowsills. I’ll be your loyal confidant, your midnight entertainer, and your fluffy shoulder to lean on. I hope you’re as excited as I am to start this paws-itively wonderful journey together!

Love, Chicken and Waffles

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